PayPal is a highly recognized Internet Processing Company and is the most commonly used third-party online merchant service provider out there. However, it may not always be to your advantage to use PayPal as your preferred Online Shopping Cart.

Let’s Compare:

  • Direct E-Commerce Merchant Accounts are set up to deposit funds directly to your business checking account. This is done with a button generator (a Shopping Cart icon) that is placed on your website to refer your web customers to your E-Commerce Payment Gateway. There they can input their card holder information. This payment gateway, like PayPal, is set up very securely and has been integrated with layers of firewalls to protect all cardholder data information which makes it PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.
  • Unlike PayPal, dealing direct with a E-Commerce merchant service provider enables you to monitor all transactions through a secure account so you can monitor in real-time when a transaction has been completed. Furthermore, you can issue refunds, void transactions, set recurring billing, and export all your transactions into any major software such as Quick Books, Peach Tree, and Oracle. This enables you to balance and manage your accounting records, and eliminates having to manually transcribe payment information.
  • Unlike PayPal, if you have a retail store front with a credit card processing terminal, you can tie both payment systems to the same merchant services account.
  • Furthermore, your rate for running your transactions is much lower and more manageable. This will save you both time and money! With PayPal, your rates vary based on your Monthly Sales Volume (All BankCards accepted as form of payment); the lower your volume, the higher your rate. On the other hand with a direct processing provider of E-Commerce, once a rate has been established, it does not vary based on your monthly volume and it would still cost less in most cases than PayPal.
  • At times it can be extremely frustrating to have to wait for your deposit, but with direct E-Commerce your deposit time can be significantly shorter, from 24 to 48 Hours, versus PayPal, which can 3 days or more.
  • You don’t need to worry about how to set up your website with a direct E-commerce merchant service or have HTML knowledge. You will have all the support and information you need to successfully use this payment method; it is even easier to set up than PayPal.

In conclusion, you’ll find that direct E-Commerce will enable you to more efficiently and effectively manage your online business and create a secure, user-friendly environment for your online customers. It offers peace of mind for both you and your clientele, and truly proves to be an innovative business solution.